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Youth & Music Minister, Small Business Owner, Author, & One-Proud Father

Brandon Baumgarten is a Christian Conservative Republican running for the Oklahoma State Senate District 17. Brandon's wife, April, is a public school teacher and together they have a one beautiful daughter, Bella. 


Baumgarten is a small business owner, professional speaker, interview coach, youth pastor, and book author, presenting to over 150 audiences a year nationwide. He served the Oklahoma FFA Association State Secretary, State President, and as a National Officer Candidate from 2011-2013 and he graduated as Outstanding Senior in Agricultural Leadership from Oklahoma State University. He is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Presenter and recently served the state as the founder of the Oklahoma Hour of Prayer. He is a two-time Barnes Noble author of the recent book The Habitat for Holiness and Caught Up & Called Out. He was also awarded the Oklahoma NEXTGEN Top 30 Under 30 Award. He and his wife April live in Shawnee and just had their first child. 

A Personal Note from Brandon

The day my little girl was born and I was holding her in my arms, I felt a gentle nudge from the Lord saying I better “FIGHT” for her future. Little did I know, we’d see what we are today – an encroaching government that infringes on our Oklahoma way of life. Radical liberals and even Republicans In-Name-Only! It’d be an honor to go advocate on your behalf for our future and help champion the way of conservative values at the Oklahoma State Capitol that are not being represented. 

We must fight for our future!

Why I am joining the fight?


As a small business owner, I’ve discovered the importance of financial responsibility and balancing a budget.


As a product of rural Oklahoma, I’ve seen our rights and way of life become under attack.


As the husband of a teacher, I’ve seen the vigorous hurdles our teachers have to go through.


As a youth pastor, I’ve seen the challenges are young people are facing.


As a Father who just felt the feeling of holding his first born child, I’ve realized that she has a future that we can all be part of. 


As an Oklahoman, I’ve seen what Democratic Socialists are doing to this country and how they are fighting to compromise our Oklahoma’s values as we speak.


As a Christian, I’ve seen the war on Faith, Family, and our Conservative Future.


Folks, there are still some things worth fighting for! My name is Brandon Baumgarten and this is why I am joining the fight, the FIGHT FOR OUR FUTURE.

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